Have you always wanted to be a dancer that travels the world teaching and choreographing but never new where to start? Or maybe you just wanted to be a internationally famous dancer that inspires other dancers around the world with what you do and make great money whilst doing so.

What ever your reasons maybe, we have a program which is tailored in helping you achieve your goals. We will guide you through learning what you need to learn, package and market what you have to offer in the best possible way, then connect your with key people around the world and get you booked to work internationally!

All you would need to do is follow the program by being, positive, coachable, dedicated and not give up! You do not even have to be at our studio, we will mentor you wherever you are in the world.

The program will take you through our 3 step process

Dance Training and Mentorship
Here we guide you through dance training, analysing your strengths and weaknesses and pushing you in the right direction to get where you need to go as well as teaching you how to present yourself in a manor that makes you a bookable dancer. We will not give up on you and you must not either, we will achieve the set goals together!

Packaging and Marketing
This process involves developing your videos, portfolio and social media marketing to a point where you cannot be ignored. We will help you look great, and help market you to the entire dance world until you are recognised and desired for bookings around the world!

Connecting and Booking
Once you have past the first two steps we will mentor and assist you in your career in a few areas. Such as connecting you with key clients around the world and help you with booking jobs, ensuring you are booked for the price you deserve and for jobs which will help enhance your reputation. Working internationally is not always plane sailing, bad things can and probably will happen, we will be at hand to help you avoid any potential problems and to guide you through your options if they do. But most importantly of all our role will be to ensure you make a good living, traveling the world doing what you love!

How to Apply

Audition Process
To ensure the quality of the program we will only be taking on 20 apprentices in the first year. You will be put through a tough audition process where you will be required to submit an application form, videos and pictures before going through an interview process to see if you are the right candidate for the role and have the potential to be booked internationally.

Upon successful entry onto the program there will be fees of course, obviously nobody expects a quality program with the benefits above for free. The program fee is £2400 per year, and is paid quarterly or annually. There are opportunities to receive sponsorship and have part of the course fee subsidised, which can be discussed during the interview process.

Program Date
13th June 2016 – 12th June 2017, application deadline 10th June 2016.
5th September 2016 – 4th September 2017, application deadline 20th August 2016.

To apply¬†simply fill out the form below…

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