Have you always wanted to see your name topping billboards, headlining concerts and on album covers? Dreamed of singing your heart out to the audience on Broadway? Or maybe you want to be a singer that fly’s around the world contract after contract singing for luxury hotels, clubs and big corporate events.

Whatever your goals are, we have a team of specialists to help you achieve your goals. From coaches and managers who have trained and represented the biggest stars such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, The Voice singers, and The Glee cast, agents that have sent out talent to the biggest shows and festivals to Grammy award winning producers, we have the best in the industry in it all!

As an international organisation, you do not even need to be physically at our studio to follow our program. We will mentor you wherever you are in the world as long as you have dedication, positive attitude and a coachable mentality.

The 12 month program will take you through our 3 step process:

Singing training and mentorship
Professional singers and coaches will mentor you in developing your skills, creating the right mindset, analyse your strengths and weaknesses, and send you on the right path to success.

Packaging and marketing
Our team of experts will be at hand to develop your style and image (pictures, videos, portfolio and social media) making you look so good that you HAVE TO get noticed. According to your uniqueness, we will target your audience and market you until you have your own firmly secured spot in the music scene.

Connecting and Booking
From here we will get you in touch with our worldwide contacts: booking agents, international companies, potential short and long-term employers, labels, producers, managers and help you on your singer career path. Career advice will also be provided to make sure you make choices that enhance your reputation. Working internationally is not always easy and you can and will come across a lot of difficulties. Nevertheless we will do our best to prevent them and be there to find solutions with you if they happen.

How to Apply

Audition Process
As the quality of International Singing Mentorship Program is our first priority, we offer a limited vacancy. Only the ones that we believe that have what it takes to make it in the music industry will be chosen. You don’t not necessarily need to be experienced, but we do want singers with talent, confidence and true motivation. Before making a commitment, we will look into your videos, photos and we will get to know you through our interviews process. If we decide you have the potential, we will start this exciting adventure together.

Upon successful entry onto the program there will be fees of course, obviously nobody expects a quality program with the benefits above for free. The program fee is £2800/$3900USD per year, and is paid quarterly or annually. There are opportunities to receive sponsorship and have part of the course fee subsidised, which can be discussed during the interview process.

To apply simply fill out the form below

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