So it’s been 5 years since the regions’ leading performing arts studio first came to light, and released some sunshine into this somewhat gloomy northern climate! Sunshine has given the neighbourhood a place to go and be free to dance, offering a wide range of dance styles, arts services and popular events!


Jerry Tse, the owner, director, manager and dance teacher for this fast growing dance studio is, you could say, an expert in dance studio DIY quite literally. Starting from renting out studios in what are now the local competition, to finding a building Sunshine could finally call home!

He recognised the opportunity and created a dance community in the northwest which can be appraised for its unpretentious, genuine nature, driven by a passion for dance and building a friendly dance unity. His pure passion for dance along with business savvy has got Sunshine studios to where it is now!

A huge THANKYOU, from Jerry goes out to all the people that hand painted, welded, pieced together every last bit of the studio and helped it gradually become what it is now! And THANKYOU to all the loyal students, teachers and staff that have made Sunshine so successful! (Stay with us it can only get better).

There will be promotions and special offers, so sit tight and put the 21st August in your diary, when Manchester’s biggest dance studio turns 5 !!

By Yemi

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