On first thought, you might think that the idea of whacking seems more of a way to keep the annoying sibling off your case than a dance move, and in a way you’d be right…..If used inappropriately that is!

Waacking in dancing is the rapid, usually angular movement of the arms: very effective when used in synchronisation in class or a performance. Effective in the impressive as opposed to the violent sense of course. Waacking has been deemed a generally more feminine technique, but this is no stereotypical girlish flailing arm. In fact the feminist in me is struggling to see why Waacking has got this reputation. As far as I can see, Waacking takes a lot of control and energy to punctuate solid arm movements within a generally fluid routine. Of course the dancer is not glued to the spot and footwork is involved, but the main characteristic of whacking is the strong arms amidst a bag full of attitude.

Waacking’s partner in crime is termed vogueing – a set of posed moves inspired by the legendary Madonna video. Despite the rather quirky names, the two together create a fast-paced dance style refreshingly different from the conventional emphasis on footwork. Iconic and powerful: maybe this feminine stereotype is a compliment after all.

By Sarah Stopforth

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