I was quite intrigued by the concept of ‘contemporary dance’ when I saw it written on the Sunshine Studios timetable. Isn’t contemporary just whatever is current? Isn’t everything contemporary at some moment in time? I was definitely missing something.

Curiosity got the better of me so I went along and stood in the back of one of the classes- not very inconspicuously considering one wall is made up entirely of mirrors. It reminded me of ballet but without the tutus or the crippled toes. In fact it was quite moving to watch a room full of people interpreting the music in such a beautiful way: quite a change to the street dancing I’m used to seeing but a welcome one at that.

It was quite indescribable, which doesn’t bode well for a blog post explaining it. There’s just always something quite mesmerising about watching a group of people moving in unison, flowing from one move to the next. The routine was simple yet effective with a lot of sweeping arms, fluid turns and a definite need for flexibility. The contrast of half rolls on the floor to big sweeping spins engaged the whole body: it looked quite liberating to do, if not a little quirky to watch.

I’d never heard of contemporary dance before coming here and after seeing a class I’m eager to try it out: but first a few inhibitions need to be lost followed by a good amount of limbering up.

By Sarah Stopforth

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